In this page I have compiled a list of useful posts on various Forex Topics. Most are posts that were made to provide some insight into the conditions of the markets at the time of the posts.

They will help expand your understanding of the topics and how they apply to real world conditions. Enjoy:

Starting Forex Trading:
Forex Trading Basics
Starting Forex Trading
Unreasonable Expectations

The Players:
Forex Market Players

Trading Techniques:
The Undercover Cop or The Detective

Trading or Investing:
Trading or Investing

Day Trading:
About Day Trading

About Automated Trading:
Automated Trading

Using Forex Trading Signals:
Trading Signals

Part-Time Trading:
Part-Time Trading

Forex: Getting and Using Data:
Trading Information

Correlations with other markets:
Trading Gold against Currencies
Correlation Breakage

Credit Crisis:
Credit Crisis Genesis

Interest Rates and Intervention (Central Banks):
Central Banks
Swiss Central Bank Intervention
More on Intervention
Interest Rates: a standard of operation

Non-Major Forex Currencies:
Other Currencies Benefit from Crisis
More on other currencies

July Seasonality

Case Studies
March 24th: Bull or Bear Market Rally
March 25th: Dollar Strength
March 27th: The Dollar Rebounds
May 11th: The Beginning of the End for The Dollar
May 18th: The Saga Continues