After the roller-coaster that was last week, we are beginning another one. For people who are learning forex trading, or are who are new to the Forex markets, it’s been a pretty harsh environment lately. People like me who proclaim to be part-time traders are also getting a good spanking.

Everyone waited expectantly for the Jobs Report out of the US on Friday. Everyone knew it would be bad, so there were no real surprises at the figure of 651,000. The unemployment rate did jump to 8.1% which was a little higher than most people expected though. I think everyone also expected that such figures could not bode well for the Equity markets. This was the case.

What was a little fuzzy was exactly how the Forex Market, particularly the US Dollar, would react to this news. In the recent past, uncertainty and more negative has tended to favor the US Dollar, what with it’s “Haven” status. However, this has not been 100% reliable lately, as more and more news has come out to show that the US is still very much caught in the recession. It’s always been somewhat counter-intuitive that the Dollar should keep gaining, even as the US economy sinks deeper into the recession.

This was something that could no be ignored on Friday, at least not initially. The Dollar lost substantial ground against pretty much everyone. Unfortunately for those who think the Dollar is losing it’s shine, Forex traders quickly realized the error of their ways and bought the Dollar back. The result: The Forex Markets were back to close to where how they begun the day; most gains against the dollar erased.

So we go into this week expecting quite a bit of news out of Europe. Once again, we expect quite some negativity. Consequently, I think the dollar will be back to it’s old ways again.

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