In the current downturn, confidence is key. There has to be enough of it so everyone can start to go out there and spend and, you know, stimulate the economy.

So, how can confidence be restored when everything has gone to hell? Well, the people who have regular folks THINK have the power have to show that they are doing something about it. Hence the whole stimulus malarkey. At this point, it doesn’t matter too much what is done…just do something; the bigger the better.

Then they have to outline how what they do will make things better. In a recession on the scale we are seeing here, care must be taken when doing this. You see, if they make it seem like everything will be getting better soon, and it doesn’t work out that way, then they are screwed. However, if they are unable to reassure people about the steps being taken, then that is even worse. They are supposed to be able to fix stuff…that’s why they were elected to the positions of power.

It’s about managing expectations. That said, for someone who ran a campaign based on his ability to inspire people (at least partially), the new US President has been something of a wet blanket. Understandably he wants to try to be honest. I get that. The Stimulus has, however, been passed. I do think it’s time for the new messiah US President to fall back on his great ability as an orator. People want to be told things will be alright. Do it already!

Hope has been a recurring theme on my posts here…I’m not stopping now.

Go, Obama!!!

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