The Treasury secretary spoke; then everything went to Hell.

The Investor in this environment is like a scared little kid who is convinced there’s a monster in his wardrobe. He needs to be consoled, encouraged etc, or he is likely to freak out. He needs you to tell convince him that it’s not there. You will need to throw in loads of reasons why he should believe you. You will need to be confident. If you are bullsh*tting, he will smell it, and there’ll be an even more violent reaction.

This is the current state of affairs today. The Secretary wasn’t convincing enough about the current crisis in the US. He seems to have forgotten (maybe he never knew) that he’s dealing with a very smart kid, one that has suffered quite a bit in the last year. This kid is way past being convinced there is no monster in the wardrobe. He has the scars to prove it.

What this kid needs is exact details of how you are going to get him out of that room before the monster eats him completely. I’m talking about documented escape routes and stuff like that. Then he wants details of how you are going keep the monster trapped in the room until it starves. Then he’ll need to see your weapons.

Even all of the above will not guarantee co-operation. Falling short…well you can see what happens.

Hopefully the kid will see – in time – that there is a long term plan in place, and that plan should ultimately lead to the monster being outsmarted.

Here’s hoping…

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